WELCOME Glorious dental materials, High and Super Translucent Dental Zirconia Block

dental zirconia Block

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Dunte zirconia blocks, compatible for different system.
For open cad cam system:

High trabslucent, super translucent and precolored zirconia blocks available
DT000098010 98x10mm    
DT000098012 98x12mm    
DT000098014 98x14mm    
DT000098016 98x16mm    
DT000098018 98x18mm    
DT000098020 98x20mm    
DT000098022 98x22mm    
DT000098025 98x25mm    
For Zirkonzahn M5 system:

High trabslucent or Ice and super translucent or Prettau zirconia blocks
ZZ000095010 95x10mm  
ZZ000095012 95x12mm  
ZZ000095014 95x14mm  
ZZ000095016 95x16mm  
ZZ000095018 95x18mm  
ZZ000095020 95x20mm  
ZZ000095022 95x22mm  
ZZ000095025 95x25mm  
For Amann Girrbach system:

High trabslucent and super translucent zirconia blocks available
DTAG089071012 89x71x12mm    
DTAG089071014 89x71x14mm    
DTAG089071016 89x71x16mm    
DTAG089071018 89x71x18mm    
DTAG089071020 89x71x20mm    
DTAG089071025 89x71x25mm    


Sintering Information

Zirconia blocks Application Instruction

Making Process:Opt the correct zirconia blocks acoording to the required shape and size of the crown or bridge.Then fix on the CAD/CAM Milling Machine by binder,and scan by CAD/CAM System scanner

Set the system parameter:

Setting the system parameter according the shrinkage coefficient or ratio which printe on the zirconia blocks


Milling :Active  the system.Finish the milling.Pls handle with care of the finished products

Sintering:put the milled products into the sintering furance,finished the sintering
Recommend the sintering temperature curve

Advantages of Products

The whole set technology of Zirconia from National high-tech development plan 863 item,the technology be approved by nation.

Obtained the CE/ISO13485:2012 certification also with the Medical device license of PRC.
With the REE 5N Purification technology can make the Zirconia powder pure and safe.

Producing the high purity Zirconia powder with the complete powder produce line then can make sure the Zirconia block with stable performance
With the professional R&D group and advanced machine to make sure the quality.Meanwhile,keep innovating

To make the tooth durable and lifelike

More firm and durable also can keep long.
Color Liquid

Private Coloring liquid for Zirconia Blocks

Features:Natural color reappear,colorful and can meet clients every demands.With the features of high matching and easy operation.Moreover,can reduce the predring time and enhance the Visual impression during dyeing time.

Dyeing System:A1 A2 A3 A3.5 A4 B1 B2 B3 B4 C1 C2 C3 C4 D2 D3 D4

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Sintering temperature 1400-1500℃
Presintered Density 3.17g/cm³
Sintered Density 6.07g/cm³
Bending strength 1100-1200MPA
Expand Rate 1.248
Sintered Chemical Solubility ≤100µg/cm³
Sintered Radioaction ≤0.2Bq/g