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Digital Dental 3D Printer For Wax And Resin Casting

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Digital Dental 3D Printer For Wax And Resin Casting



1. Make or download a 3D model,

2. Slice and export the 3D model:

3. Build the 3D model:

4. Finished

Product Description

1.1 Process 3D printing involves three steps:

1.) Make or download a 3D model

2.) Slice and export the 3D model

3.) Build the 3D model

1.1.1 Make a 3D Model

Currently, there are three ways of creating a 3D model. ·Designing From Scratch You can use free CAD (computer-aided design) software such as 3DTADA, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Pro-E, and our own software Happy 3D to design your own 3D model. ·3D Scanners An alternative method to creating a 3D model is to scan an object. 3D scanners work by digitizing a physical object, collecting its geometric data, and saving it to a file on your PC. There are also apps that can turn a mobile device into a 3D scanner. ·From the Cloud The most popular way of obtaining a 3D model is to download it from websites that allow users to upload 3D models that they designed.


1.1.2 Slice and Export the 3D Model

Slice software is the software that prepares 3D models for printing and turns them into instructions for the 3D printers. FlashPrint is the slicing software used for the FlashForge Hunter. Using FlashPrint, you can prepare files to be SVGX files for printing. Then the files can be transferred to your Hunter via USB cable, USB stick or Wi-Fi.





1. Print with high accuracy and speed; show with perfect system;

2. Creative mechanical slideway and PMMA with automatic self-heating system make it become a convenient and efficient printing process;

3. No matter how large or strong parts, or tinier or more complex details, the printer can make and finish with ease.

4. Larger printing area make better effects. The built-in new material photosensitive resin supports lager printing area, reduces the wasting and loss of materials, and prolongs the value or the life of of the resin trouph in this printer.

5. This machine really has multiple purposes, which is power-saving and low cost wearing parts. All in one design saves the cost and space.


 Digital Dental 3D Printer For Wax And Resin CastingDigital Dental 3D Printer For Wax And Resin Casting


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 Digital Dental 3D Printer For Wax And Resin Casting


Digital Dental 3D Printer For Wax And Resin Casting

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Digital Dental 3D Printer For Wax And Resin Casting


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Digital Dental 3D Printer For Wax And Resin Casting